Road Trip

These pictures are from my road trip to and from Kansas this November 2001.  In order to visit family for Thanksgiving I chose not to fly and instead rented an SUV and visited several National parks I hadn't seen before.


On the road just driving through Sequia National Forest in California.

Now in Death Valley Nation Park in California. Hiking on some sand dunes.

In Death Valley this puddle is located in the lowest point in the western hemisphere. I think it is about 320ft below sea level

Death Valley. A hike to see a natural bridge carved by water.

View of Death Valley from a little higher up.

Death Valley, 'Devil's Golf Course'. The white material is a form of salt. The formations are so hard and sharp that a local sign warns that if you fall not only can it cut skin but it can break bone.

Devil's Golf Course wider view.

Death Valley. Colors are due to different minerals.

1.5 mile hike ends by looking up at this formation.

1.5 mile hike view by turning around.

Zion National Park in southwester Utah.

The Lodge at Zion. I had very nice blintzes here.

The animals in Zion are unconcerned with people.

Zion. All these major formations have names, mainly biblical (Mormon), but I don't remember them.

View of the river that runs through Zion's valley.

View of valey from 'Weeping Rock'.

Park of Weeping Rock arch. It's called weeping rock because there is a constant curtain of water dripping all along the arch. (Can't see it in the picture.)

My favorite picture of the trip. View of Zion valley from the Emerald pool trail.

When I squated down to take this turkey's picture he started charging me. People feed them and they can be pretty aggressive.

Bryce National Park in Utah less than 2 hours from Zion.

The rim of Bryce is 18 miles long and leads to several lookouts.

Bryce Apache trail 'Wall Street'. Person gives indication of height.

Sorry if there are so many picture of Bryce.

The end of the Bryce park road is about 8000 ft and the air is clean.

Sunrise Arches National Park in south eastern Utah.

This is where I watched the Leonid Meteor shower. I saw at least a couple of hundred and as many as five at once.

The sun behind balancing rock.

Side view of the same balancing rock.

Look like a city?

A long but pleasant hike to get to this arch.

Park of a scenic drive behind Arches.

Canyon De Chelly in north eastern Arizona. This National park is interesting in that it is located in an Apache reservation. There are actually people living and farming in the valley of the canyon.

What's that in the wall way down towards the bottom?

Yeah that.

It's the White House.

Airforce above the White house.